Thursday, September 24, 2009

10 Tips For Your IDX/GE Centricity Business System

  1. BAR Payment Posting Action Code K (Reconcile UC Invoice) in Action Code Dictionary 10 can help move payments, such as co-payments, quickly and easily from within an account in one invoice to the same account in another invoice. It is most often secured-out with a security plus category; typically the security category either needs to be removed or updated to appropriate user profiles.

  2. B-Global Actions Code within DBMS Enterprise Dictionary (Function 20) can contribute to dictionary maintenance by allowing fast actions and edits in maintaining dictionaries. It is controlled in Dictionary 47011.

  3. Nightly Edit Evaluation can be significantly expedited by a simple parameter in Dictionary 33021. Most edits are re-evaluated nightly, even if they are not worked by the user. The Number of Days between Encounter Evaluation can help clients stagger the evaluation of edits. An ideal example of this is the Missing NPI Number edit.

  4. Nightly Edit Evaluation can also be accelerated by reviewing the structure of workfile configuration. The use of “Include All” or “Exclude” options can have a major impact on how quickly the Nightly Edit Evaluation runs.

  5. ETM can help automate many manual tasks such as FSC transfers & write-offs. To get the most from ETM, it is vital to start by identifying repetitive tasks that your staff is performing on a regular basis.

  6. Prior to Version 3.0, claim form edits were free-text values. Dictionary 33202 now stores these entries, but many are repetitive and inconsistent. BAR Function 40, Activity 20 can help update these quickly and easily.

  7. For Schedulers booking appointments for the same providers, location, or departments, the use of the default setting can save valuable keystrokes and time.

  8. When utilizing Enterprise Index, many clients prefer to “hide” the weight values from users, as to not be misleading on which patient to select. However, there is no substitute for daily review of the Prevention Audit Trail Report to maintain accuracy.

  9. BSYSGEN 654 can provide users with additional transaction-level detail for follow-up staff, as well as a selector-based format.

  10. ETM can be utilized to create tasks of your own choosing and to provide “projects” for staff, as well as to automate actions and track productivity.

-Andrew McDevitt, Senior Consultant

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